Instagram star dies after cosmetic surgery

Instagram star dies after cosmetic surgery

Applause followed – from party leaders Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock, among others.

Steinmeier said that ecology has been an integral part of politics since 1980. “Even more: ecology and sustainability have become the yardstick of politics,” also beyond the Greens. They have remained true to this core over the years. Over time, however, they had also learned “to make difficult decisions, to make compromises, to take responsibility,” said Steinmeier. “If you do politics, not to be right, but to change the world, you often have to leave pure doctrine behind you.”

With a view to the social climate in Germany, Steinmeier praised the Greens as an example of what can arise from upheavals and criticism of state institutions. Anyone who denounces democracy as a “system” and presumes to defend a “true popular will against those up there”, who despises parliaments and free media, is laying the ax on the foundation of democracy. The Greens showed a better way and changed the country because they dared the “long march through the institutions” – “and obviously got out safely at the other end.”

In addition to the Federal President, influential men and women of the Greens history and present had their say, including Hans-Christian Ströbele, who was the first Greens to win a direct mandate in a federal election, ex-Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer and the climate activist Luisa Neubauer.

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Editor-in-chief Florian Harms’ newsletter

Good morning, dear readers,

overwhelmed by many nice e-mails about the break of dawn yesterday, I say thank you very much! Unfortunately, I don’t have enough cups in my closet to give you all one. But the fastest of you will get one.

Here is the annotated overview of the day’s topics:


A head of government’s health is of public concern. In his book “The Two Bodies of the King”, the German historian Ernst H. Kantorowicz differentiates between the two roles of a ruler: the physical human being and the human being in a public function. While one is private and fleeting, the other is not because of his office. The author describes this dichotomy in one and the same person with a view to the Middle Ages, but it is still valid today. If a French president has a cold and is in bed at the weekend, that’s his business. If he therefore has to cancel public appointments, it becomes a political issue. If a German Chancellor suffers a tremor three times within three weeks during a public appearance, citizens and the media have the right to ask what is going on. “When Angela Merkel trembles, the Chancellor always trembles too, especially when it happens in public,” writes my colleague Johannes Bebermeier in his résumé of yesterday’s incident during a reception for the Finnish Prime Minister.

Angela Merkel at the reception with the Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne. (Source: Markus Schreiber / AP / dpa)

The Federal Press Office is meanwhile noticeably tight-lipped: “The Chancellor is doing well,” said a government spokeswoman and refused to give specific answers to questions. There is nothing more, it is said from Merkel’s environment. Even the Chancellor herself is clearly trying to downplay her trembling: “I recently said that I was in the process of processing the last military honors with President Zelensky.” She had her first reception this summer for the Ukrainian head of state trembled in front of cameras; a second time with the appointment of the new Justice Minister. “It’s obviously not quite finished, but there is progress and I have to live with it for a while now. But I’m doing very well and you don’t have to worry, ”said Merkel yesterday. “I believe that one day it will pass as it did. But it’s not there yet. And otherwise I am absolutely convinced that I am able to perform well. “

One can hope so and one can believe it. Is really not behind it anymore, the interested public should leave it at that. The Chancellor’s program is grueling, the past few months have been intensive, and she really deserves her summer vacation. But if there was more to it, possibly a serious illness that the Chancellor and her spokesperson knew about, and this would only come out later, then they would have fooled the citizens and fooled them. Hardly said: Then they would have lied to the citizens. That would be a loss of credibility, with the burden of which a Chancellor could not remain Chancellor. Because the truthfulness of the head of government is just as much in the public interest as her health.


Federal President Steinmeier in conversation with mayors. (Source: Britta Pedersen / dpa)

Something is changing in Germany, and it is alarming: incitement, threats and attacks against political officials are increasing massively. If you’ve been reading dawn for a while, you know what I’m talking about. But even I was shocked when I sat yesterday at Bellevue Palace in Berlin and listened to the 14 mayors and community representatives invited by Federal President Steinmeier. Every member of the Bundestag, every police president and every member of the federal and state governments should listen to what these women and men, who work full-time or voluntarily for the common good, should listen to (I quote):

The aggressiveness against employees in town halls, authorities and job centers, against firefighters and police officers has increased massively in recent years.

More than 20 percent of the mayors in Germany have already received hate emails. One of them reports how she was spat on: “They call me the cunt from the town hall.” Another quotes from threatening letters his family has received: “Your fornicate births should just be locked away and castrated.” In many places, every political issue becomes aggressive Wise set in relation to the refugee crisis – even if it has nothing to do with it, such as the property tax. One day, a mayor who took care of the accommodation of migrants found a gallows in his garden with pictures of himself and his children attached to it. He gave up his office.

In every twelfth congregation, officials have been victims of physical attacks. In the past year, 1,200 politically motivated crimes against municipal officials were recorded. Right-wing extremists pursue the strategy of systematically intimidating officials. Neo-Nazis keep “death lists” with the names of political opponents.

And what are law enforcement agencies doing about it? Hardly anything. Most of the lawsuits against hate speech, insults and threats for advertisements will be discontinued – including those cited above. Law and justice are not enforced. “Nothing happened,” reports a mayor who reported threats. “People are still walking around unmolested today.” Another mayor who was attacked had similar experiences: After the attack, the investigators examined 8,000 relevant posts on social media. “90 were judged to be punishable, 6 were reported, 0 came out.”

One of the officials puts it in a nutshell: “Incredible that the richest corporations in the world are not held responsible for keeping the social networks clean.” He means Facebook and Google. “People who send hateful comments and e-mails should have a visit from the police at 7 o’clock in the morning,” demands another, “in such a way that the neighbors can hear. You have to hold these people accountable. “

Another reports: “The police officers are uncertain about the extent to which they themselves have the backing of politics.” A colleague seconded: “The majority of people in my town are silent about what is going on because there are no more police officers here. We have two police cars on 78 square kilometers in the region. “

Neo-Nazis venture into the vacuum created by the state. Several mayors report how right-wing extremists stir up the aggression. Among them are AfD politicians: “The AfD houses strategically thinking right-wing extremists who want to infiltrate the state.” The name Björn Höcke is mentioned.

Anyone who has listened to the mayors at Bellevue Palace yesterday will realize that we are experiencing a massive attack on the democratic institutions of our state. But both the security authorities and the federal government are looking the other way. That’s a scandal. Or, as one of the officials said: “90 percent of the people in Germany are decent. Together with them we have to oppose the aggressive. ”However, that only works if the police, public prosecutors and courts are also on the right side.


Toll Minister Andreas Scheuer. (Source: Hannibal Hanschke / Reuters)

The failed car toll becomes a millstone for Andreas Scheuer that pulls him down. The jovial minister is becoming more subdued every day. Now it has come out: The Federal Ministry of Transport decided months ago alone to conclude extensive contracts with transport companies – although it knew that the European Court of Justice could still collect the toll. Which he did then. Scheuer did not consider it necessary to involve the Chancellery or to inform the Ministry of Finance. Both houses may have raised concerns. Experts are now expecting high compensation payments for the company – tax money. A CSU crazy idea from the beer tent ends in the grave of millions. If you want to make a bet that Scheuer will still be a minister in the fall, you should think twice.



Shacks and cheap houses in Cape Town’s Mitchells Plain district. (Source: imago images)

Today is World Population Day. Around 7.7 billion people worldwide live on earth, in the year 2100 it could be more than 11 billion – that creates serious problems. Reason enough to take a closer look at the development, and that is what we will do today: We deal with overpopulation in articles, graphics and videos, talk to a demographer and a development expert about the year 2100 and the question of whether more people are basically bad for you Climate are. A reader debate is running at the same time. Everything from 10 a.m. on


Gorch Fock skeleton of millions. (Source: Mohssen Assanimoghaddam / dpa)

The dpa colleagues draw my attention to the fact that the “Gorch Fock” is being lifted out of the water today. As a reminder: The “Gorch Fock” is this skeleton made of rust that was once a naval training ship and is now to be welded together again to a reasonably usable boat for 135 million euros. Ursula von der Leyen decided. If she gets her new job and is just as generous with taxpayers’ money, her authority should also rust quickly.


The French Senate is voting today on the national digital tax. It is targeting the most powerful corporations in the world that have so far whistled about European tax law: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple. In future, they should pay at least three percent tax on advertising revenues generated online. The German government is unable to introduce a comparable tax in this country. At EU level, she even prevented them. If you don’t like that, you should consider who to choose in the future. The Trump administration has meanwhile announced that it will take a close look at France’s new tax.



Thomas Röhler. (Source: Sebastian Wells / imago images)

Every four years at the Summer Olympics, we find ourselves cheering for sports that we don’t otherwise care for. In no time athletes become heroes and get a lot of attention. What is often overlooked in the spotlight: Unlike in football, for example, these people are by no means millionaires. On the contrary, some keep thinking about quitting because they can no longer make a living from their sport. That shouldn’t be, says javelin thrower Thomas Röhler. In an interview with my colleague Benjamin Zurmühl, he speaks plain language – and suggests a solution. 



Boris Johnson is about to become the next British Prime Minister. He’s up to something!

(Source: Mario Lars)

I wish you a nice day without royal surprises.


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