On site, therefore, only 20 people should actively accompany the meeting, it said

On site, therefore, only 20 people should actively accompany the meeting, it said

The animal is now in the care of the public order office, like "rbb24" reported.

The 88-year-old is said to have been in hospital for more than a week in March because the animal bit him. In addition, the Mioritic breed is said to have attacked a keeper of the sick man last year. Several neighbors had commented on the dog’s aggressive behavior.

Two dogs of the Mioritic breed (symbolic picture): A Romanian shepherd dog is said to have attacked its master. The man died. (Source: Nature Picture Library / imago images)

The 88-year-old lived with his wife and a total of eight dogs on a property in the Waldesruh district, such as "rbb24" reported with reference to a spokesman for the district. The two-year-old dog is now to be subjected to a character test.

4.36 p.m.: Around 700,000 euros in damage due to Corona emergency aid fraud

Corona emergency aid fraud resulted in damage of around 700,000 euros in Berlin alone. The public prosecutor’s office is currently investigating 46 cases against a total of 55 suspects. Over a hundred proceedings are also pending at the Berlin State Criminal Police Office, as reported by the AFP news agency.

Attempts at fraud in connection with state corona emergency aid are currently preoccupying the law enforcement authorities in several federal states, including North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamburg, Saxony and Bremen. In Berlin, these crimes are being prosecuted by several departments of the public prosecutor’s office, as the police and the public prosecutor’s office further announced.

Immediate aid grant Corona (symbol picture): There have been several cases of fraud across Germany in connection with the aid program. (Source: Sven Simon / imago images)

In all of the proceedings at the Berlin public prosecutor’s office, accounts were blocked and orders for confiscation were obtained. With these decisions, the fraudulently used accounts are then attached. Funds that have already been paid out and are no longer available are secured by asset arrest.

3:41 p.m.: Berlin CDU demands checks on the mask requirement 

The Berlin CDU is demanding controls to ensure compliance with the mask requirement on buses and trains that will apply from Monday. "A mask requirement that is not controlled is a toothless tiger"said CDU state chief Kai Wegner of the German press agency on Thursday. "The Chancellor once again made it clear today that one should not feel like a false sense of security." This also applies to the Berlin Senate. "Here too, Bavaria is setting a good example: the mask requirement is part of the catalog of fines and its implementation is also monitored by the police." Wegner said that was the right way to go for Berlin too.

Due to the corona pandemic, the Senate has decided that a mask is mandatory on buses and trains. However, compliance should not be checked. According to the Senate Administration for Transport, fines are also not planned. 

2:50 p.m .: First temporary bike path set up

The first temporary cycle path, the so-called pop-up cycle path, in Berlin-Mitte was set up today on Schöneberger Ufer between Potsdamer Brücke and Flottwellstraße. The district office connects here to a route that is being built in the neighboring district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, like that "Berliner Abendblatt" reported. Another temporary cycle path is also to be planned on Müllerstraße from Seestraße to Wedding underground station.

2:01 p.m.: Districts can reopen the playgrounds

The council of mayors decided on Thursday that the playgrounds may be reopened from April 30th. SPD family senator Sandra Scheeres had asked the districts to do so on Wednesday. How the ban on contact can be enforced on playgrounds is kill a mockingbird essay outline

1:15 p.m.: Unknown people stretch the rope on the bridge – cyclists injured

Last night, a cyclist fell on a bridge in Prenzlauer Berg. Apparently strangers had stretched a rope. According to the police, the 48-year-old was said to have been riding his bike on the Schwedter Steg around 1 a.m. when he discovered the taut rope in front of him. The man braked, fell off his bike and injured his arms and legs. However, he refused medical treatment. The police are now investigating dangerous interference with road traffic.

The Schwedter Steg bridge towards the television tower: A cyclist injured himself here because of a taut rope. (Source: Chromorange / Archivbild / imago images)

12.34 p.m.: Müller is apparently thinking about another term of office

The governing mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller (SPD), spoke on the ZDF talk show on Wednesday evening "Markus Lanz" communicated that he does not rule out another term of office after the Corona crisis. Agreements have been made for his announced withdrawal from the SPD state chairmanship "and then we see how it goes on", is it [called. He has always enjoyed politics, as he explains to Lanz. But you don’t wish for a time like this "But actually you go into politics to be able to decide things, to care about your city in this situation, of course, but also to see how it is organized well", he said. Further details at the RBB.

11.30 a.m.: Fridays for Future is planning an art campaign in front of the Bundestag

The climate movement Fridays for Future wants to start an art campaign in front of the Bundestag on Friday. "Around 70 local groups from all over Germany have sent their collected posters and signs to Berlin, which will be put together at this symbolic place"said spokesman Quang Paasch of the German press agency on Thursday. In order for the protest to take place from 10.30 a.m., all infection protection measures must be observed. On site, therefore, only 20 people should actively accompany the meeting, it said.

\ n" , ‘Twitter’); }) (); / ** /

In addition, on the occasion of the fifth global climate strike, the climate movement calls the Berliners to a digital one "Network strike" on. On the movement’s website there should be a strike program with music, speeches and live switching from all over Germany. So they want to give the climate crisis a platform despite the corona pandemic.

10.30 a.m .: Music Festival "Lollapalooza" canceled

Actually, tens of thousands of people should again be at the music festival on September 5th and 6th "Lollapalooza" celebrate around the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. Due to the Senate’s ban on major events with more than 5,000 participants being prohibited until October 24, it cannot take place as planned. The organizers write on their website: "The health and safety of our fans, artists, employees and the general public will always be our top priority …" But they would already plan for 2021.

People in front of a stage: Lollapalooza 2020 does not take place. (Source: Stefan Zeitz / Archivbild / imago images)

9.25 a.m.: Attack on the gay museum

The gay museum on Lützowstrasse has been attacked. Strangers are said to have thrown stones at a window pane and severely damaged it, like "Berlin week" reported. When exactly the crime occurred is unclear. The museum is currently closed. However, April 18th or 19th is assumed. The damage was discovered on April 20th.

The last time the gay museum was attacked was in 2016, when metal bullets were shot at a window.

8.19 a.m.: Car smeared with swastika

On Thursday night the police were called to Tempelhofer Weg in Britz. Strangers smeared Nazi symbols and insults on a car. This is reported by, among others "Berliner Morgenpost". There were also dents on the vehicle.

7.15 a.m.: Fireman after attack in hospital

On Wednesday afternoon, the Berlin fire brigade was attacked in Gesundbrunnen. One of them had to be treated in the hospital. The fire department announced.

\ n" , ‘Twitter’); }) (); / ** /

Accordingly, an emergency vehicle did not pass a car parked in the second row – suddenly a kebab was thrown at the fire engine. A firefighter getting out got a glass bottle on the head. The rescuers write on Twitter: "We are appalled."

6.54 a.m.: Hello, Berlin!

Good morning and welcome back to the capital ticker. We want to accompany you through the day and provide you with the most important news and information from Berlin. Please stop by every now and then!

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What a Sunday, weather-wise: low "Bernd" ensures a lot of hustle and bustle. There were heavy rain showers in the northwest, and beads of sweat stand out on your forehead in the southeast.

The low pressure area "Bernd" moves across Germany and has very different weather in the luggage. Above all, nature, the farmers and allotment gardeners in the north-west could look forward to a good portion of rain. We experts speak of "heavy rain", everyone else just call it "Permanent chute". Even if most people imagine a Sunday morning in August differently, it was a blessing and a sigh of relief for all plants: Finally, no regionally limited heavy rain showers, but evenly distributed, small to medium-drop rain that fell for hours and really made everything wet .

Much wet from heaven 

The much wetness that fell from the sky could soak into the ground and also reached a little deeper soil layers. All garden owners are also cheering that the rain barrel has finally been really full again. Even in the afternoon it is not particularly great: 18 degrees, thick clouds, hardly any sun and dribbling again and again.

Michaela Koschak is a weather and climate expert and is very familiar with the atmosphere. If you are sometimes unsure what the climate crisis and the weather is all about, read the column of our qualified meteorologist. The more you know about the subject, the less you panic and the more consciously and carefully you are dealing with the environment.

So far the day has looked completely different in the south and far east of Germany. There we started partly with sunshine, but quickly it became almost tropical in the humid air, occasionally up to 33 degrees were possible. So first of all, a bathing lake feeling with flip-flops and sunscreen was on the agenda on Sunday morning. However, the big end is still ahead in the south, because it will not stay that way.

In the afternoon and evening, the cold front of the low reaches us from the southwest "Bernd" and she has the talent. Heavy, thunderstorm showers come in. In the afternoon and evening, it is the turn of the regions from the Upper Rhine to Berlin, at night it can hit Bavaria and Saxony in particular. In addition to downpours and hail, the wind in particular will freshen up violently. In the mountains as well as in the vicinity of showers and thunderstorms, there can be severe squalls. As always, it won’t hit everyone, but one or the other will be amazed at the power nature can have when they experience a violent thunderstorm.

Choppy weather in the first half of the week

From tomorrow it will be unjust the other way around. A high pressure area is pushing itself into northwest Germany. It brings calm, sunshine-rich late summer weather to enjoy here. It’s not too warm and not too cold, the sun is shining, there is hardly any wind. Simply feel good weather.

In the southeast, on the other hand, the air, which is prone to rain and thunderstorms, still hangs. It bobs around there until Wednesday evening, brings changeable weather and can cause intense rain again and again from Lake Constance to Lusatia and southeast of it. In some cases, the weather models calculate quite considerable amounts of rain in this region during this period.

Precipitation radar: The XXL map with the current precipitation Unweather Center: All current warnings Search: This is how the weather will be at your location

In the second half of the week it looks much friendlier again: sun and pleasant temperatures for everyone – the late summer high seems to be spreading across Germany. However, the nights are now quite long and can be fresh. So if you cycle through the park to work in the morning and enjoy the atmospheric morning mist, you should think of a jacket.

144 meters long, 30 meters wide – that’s how big the world’s first floating nuclear power plant is. The "Akademik Lomonosov" is now traveling in the Arctic. A success for Russia. But the project is dangerous. 

Russia has sent the first floating nuclear power plant on a 5,000-kilometer journey through the Arctic. The "Akademik Lomonosov" left the Russian Arctic port of Murmansk on Friday and is now on the way to the extremely remote Siberian town of Pewek.