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Also for 28

The halls of its cinemas can sometimes accommodate up to 500 people; at normal times, around 3500 to 4000 visitors come per week. He will currently hardly be able to achieve that with the conditions, says Anastassiades. Many people are still afraid because of the virus and do not come to the cinema. In addition, it is not yet entirely clear which films he can show in the screenings. There are currently hardly any new films, as many film releases had to be postponed due to the corona-related closings. In addition, many distributors were still waiting, as there are different regulations in the federal states for starting in cinemas. "We planned to start again on June 4th, then with older films."

Christoph Nix from the theater in Konstanz on Lake Constance remains cautious in view of the possible start on June 1st. Because at least in his theater no performances are possible, says the director. "The city has forbidden it." He and his team developed a hygiene concept with an epidemiological institute in Freiburg early on. However, the local council of Konstanz passed a resolution that declared the season to be over. That happened in other houses too.

On the other hand, plans and a security concept for an open-air production on Münsterplatz were approved. However, according to Nix, there are also uncertainties here: The country currently only allows events for up to 100 people, while the concept of open-air production is based on around 200. "First we sell 100 tickets and then we wait." The start is on July 4th with the world premiere of the piece "Hermann the crooked or the earth is round"It was said at the theater. "We are playing in front of a significantly reduced number of spectators, so the income will be significantly lower. But it is extremely important to us to set a signal and play again for our audience and our ensemble."

In Tübingen, too, the employees of the State Theater are looking forward to the start of the performances. "I think people are going to run into us"says director Thorsten Weckherlin. It starts on June 5th with performances inside and outside – the latter especially for viewers who might want to get used to it first. There is space for 90 people on the new outdoor stage, 78 instead of 368 in the hall, and 31 instead of 129 in the workshop. Is it even financially worthwhile for the theater? Weckherlin evades this a bit: "It’s always worth going to the theater", he says. "It is important to us to show that we – the LTT – are back."

A short circuit caused a power failure in Ravensburg on Monday morning. Around 6,000 households and companies in the city center and in parts of the northern part of the city were affected, said the technical works Schussental (TWS). With the short-circuit report, 21 transformer stations were automatically disconnected from the grid. By switching to other lines, everyone would have electricity again after a little more than an hour. The cause of the malfunction is still being determined.

Freiburg and Ravensburg have temporarily banned all events with more than 1000 participants. The cities announced corresponding decisions on Tuesday. With the ban, they are following the recommendations of the federal and state health ministers to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

In Freiburg – initially for a limited time until the end of March – all public and private events with more than 1000 people are prohibited. Larger venues include the concert hall or the Sick Arena. The band AnnenMayKantereit should have performed there on Tuesday evening. The Freiburg Marathon planned for March 28th and 29th is also canceled.

The Bundesliga game between SC Freiburg and Werder Bremen on March 21st threatens to become a ghost According to the city, large sporting events can take place, "but without exception to the exclusion of the public." The sports club did not want to comment on Tuesday for the time being and did not want to consult with the German Football League, "whether and in what form the game against Bremen takes place".

In Ravensburg, according to a message from the city, all events with more than 1000 expected visitors were initially canceled until April 11th. This affects, among other things, a Sunday shopping with a spring market and the day of action "Live suitable for grandchildren".

Because he is said to have tried to stab his former partner, an 83-year-old has to answer before the Ravensburg district court from today. The senior is accused of having seriously injured the woman with 18 stitches at the end of January. He is said to have ambushed her with a kitchen knife in the basement of an apartment building in Bad Saulgau (Sigmaringen district) and then attacked her. Neighbors of the 64-year-olds at the time of the crime had heard calls for help and called the police. The man is charged with attempted murder.

According to the investigating authority, the background to the act is, among other things, the previous separation. A total of twelve negotiation days are scheduled until September.

A 32-year-old woman was killed in a car accident on the A3 in the Taunus on Sunday. The driver and the passenger of the car and a two-year-old child suffered serious injuries, the police said. The accident happened on the A3 between Niedernhausen and the parking lot Theiss valley in the direction of Cologne. The vehicle with English registration began to lurch to the left in a right-hand bend for an unknown reason and was thrown across all lanes. The car easily collided with two other cars and the guardrails on the right and left.

The 32-year-old was reportedly thrown out of the vehicle and died at the scene of the accident. The occupants of the other two cars were uninjured. The lane was completely closed for about two and a half hours.

The Taunus community in Niedernhausen has to hang up EU election posters for the right-wing extremist micro-party The Third Way. That announced on Monday. The chamber had granted the party’s urgent request. The mayor of Niedernhausen had posters with slogans like "Stop traitors", "Stop the flood of asylum" or "Get rid of the shit" remove. The court ruled that this violated the right to equal opportunities.

The campaign of the party The Third Way was not obviously punishable as sedition or insult, which alone could justify the removal of the posters, it said in the message. The names "Traitor" and "crap" concern "unidentifiable people or groups of people"; from the formulation "Criminal foreigners out" the conclusion that all foreigners are criminals should not necessarily be drawn.

According to the court, the party can invoke freedom of expression, which according to the case law of the Federal Constitutional Court also protects untrue, baseless, worthless or dangerous opinions. The municipality can lodge a complaint against the decision (Az .: 2 L 833 / 19.WI), on which the Hessian administrative court in Kassel has to decide.

After the attempted attack on the ICE route between Frankfurt and Cologne, the police arrested a suspect. The 51-year-old German is strongly suspected of having loosened the rail fastenings on the high-speed line near Niedernhausen in Hesse at around 80 meters, as the police and the public prosecutor announced on Saturday.

A justice spokesman in Frankfurt gave no further information on the man’s motive on Sunday. The suspect did not comment on the allegations. The 51-year-old was arrested by special forces from the North Rhine-Westphalian police near Cologne on Saturday night.

On his trail led to information from the news magazine "The mirror" apparently a letter of confession that was addressed to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), among others. It is said to have stated the exact location of the attack. The justice spokesman did not comment on the letter on Sunday.

According to "mirror" the man had no residence. He was only released a few months ago from Nuremberg Prison, where he was serving a sentence for extortion. The justice spokesman said there was currently no evidence of an attempt to blackmail the railway.

The suspect was brought before the judge at the Wiesbaden district court on Saturday and then taken into custody, as the judicial spokesman said. He is accused of attempted murder and dangerous interference with rail traffic. The man had insidiously planned the attack because ultimately every train with its unsuspecting and defenseless occupants could have been hit, according to the prosecution. The accused did not provide any information on the allegations at the date of arrest.

Immediately in front of the Theiss valley bridge near Niedernhausen, the rail fastenings were loosened over a distance of about 80 meters. The dangerous spot was noticed by a train driver on Friday morning after his train showed a changed driving behavior.

The police immediately investigated a possible attack. "Under certain circumstances a train should be derailed", a spokesman had already said on Friday. Investigators said that special tools are required to remove the fastenings, which not everyone has at home. Such a tool was discovered in the man’s car when he was arrested, he writes "mirror". At first there was no talk of complicity.

The rails were fixed again on Friday, as the railway confirmed. On Saturday morning the trains between Frankfurt and Cologne rolled back as usual. A number of trains were canceled or diverted on Friday.

Hesse’s Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) described the quick arrest as "great success for the Hessian police". A possible disaster could only be prevented thanks to the attention and circumspection of the employees of Deutsche Bahn and the quick action of the emergency services. It is an important signal for citizens that they can rely on the police even in difficult times.

The supermarket blackmailer from Lake Constance, convicted of poisoned baby food, has been before the Ravensburg regional court again since Tuesday. In 2018, the court sentenced the then 54-year-old to twelve and a half years in prison for attempted murder. The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) overturned this judgment in parts last year. The district court must now again negotiate the sentence for the man, as a spokesman for the court announced. The SWR had previously reported.

The man had placed several jars of baby food with a dangerous dose of poison in shops in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. He demanded 11.7 million euros from various trading companies. According to the BGH, he had warned of the poison that was placed. There is therefore no intention to kill. The man was only guilty of attempted particularly serious blackmail.

Nobody was injured in the blackmail attempts. The man had confessed to this. However, he strictly rejected the allegation of attempted murder and appealed on appeal after the verdict.

A gas leak has led to the evacuation of eight houses in Niedernhausen im Taunus. The approximately 40 residents were housed in a school on Saturday night, the police said. A construction worker was slightly injured. But there was no risk of explosion.

Accordingly, the gas pipeline was damaged during construction work due to a fault in the power grid. The escaping gas ignited, causing damage to a car and several hedges, it said.

In order to successfully stop the escaping gas, the line also had to be exposed elsewhere. It was only hours later that it was therefore possible to disconnect the gas line. The amount of the damage had not yet been determined. The residents were able to go back to their homes in the morning, a police spokesman said. The investigation continues.

The double attack in Reyhanli was five years ago. Now the Turkish secret service is said to have arrested the alleged assassin. 

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According to a media report, the Turkish secret service MIT has arrested the suspected mastermind of an attack five years ago in the border area with Syria, with more than 50 dead. The official news agency Anadolu reported on Wednesday that 34-year-old Yusuf Nazik had been caught during an MIT operation in the Syrian coastal city of Latakia. He had already admitted that he carried out the attack in the border town of Reyhanli in May 2013 and that he acted on behalf of the Syrian secret service.

According to Anadolu, he said he smuggled the explosives across the border from Syria. 53 people were killed in the double attack in Reyhanli on May 11, 2013. At the time, Turkey blamed the left-wing extremist Turkish group Avcilar for the attack, which is said to be linked to the Syrian secret service. Damascus denied any involvement in the attack.

The coastal city of Latakia is a stronghold of the Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad, with whom Turkey has been enemies since the beginning of the civil war in 2011. How the Turkish secret service could manage to arrest Nazik on Syrian soil remained open at first. It also remained unclear when exactly the access took place.

The Russian military is very present in Latakia; the Russian military airport of Hmeimim is nearby. According to Anadolu, the Turkish secret service emphasized that there was no cooperation with other services during the arrest.

Sources used: AFP

According to the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband in Baden-Württemberg, social work will become more digital after the Corona crisis. "In the future, social work will be about combining digital and individual offers", said the department head for addiction and drug help, Sabine Oswald, in Stuttgart of the German press agency. The exchange recently took place digitally because of Corona: "This is also a great opportunity to expand online help."

But in addiction counseling, direct contact in individual discussions and groups is particularly important, said Oswald: "Changes and restrictions in counseling options or offers of help can quickly lead to great uncertainty and thus become a risk for addicts." It is now the task of the districts and municipalities to maintain the funding of outpatient addiction support.