Investigating and prosecuting possible crimes should be a top priority

Investigating and prosecuting possible crimes should be a top priority

Pictures of the fact, background, backers: A former AfD employee is said to have commissioned an arson attack. (Source:

Only recently, an analysis by the renowned Soufan Center came to the conclusion that Ukraine is an important point of reference for right-wing extremists and racists: The area of ​​civil war attracts recruits from all over the world who fought on both sides. Even those among them who did not travel to the war zone for ideological reasons could therefore be radicalized there – and pose an increased terrorist threat as those returning to their home countries.

Alt (FDP): “Big cause for concern”

The FDP member of the Bundestag Renata Alt therefore sees the response of the federal government as “a great cause for concern”. According to her, solving and prosecuting possible crimes should be a top priority. “I find it very strange that the federal government is not pursuing a strategy to deal with returnees from the war zone,” Alt told

According to the Soufan Institute study, the conflict has a similar position for right-wing extremism as Afghanistan or Syria for Islamism. Eastern Ukraine is a kind of “battlefield laboratory” in which tactics and techniques are exchanged and transnational networks are established. This affects right-wing extremists on the part of the pro-Russian separatists – as well as right-wing extremists on the part of the Ukrainian government. 

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According to information from, representatives of Ukrainian neo-Nazi battalions had already traveled to Germany at the beginning of 2016 to advertise the fight among members of the party “Dierechte”. The network of European activists that emerged from the fighting serves to “stand by one another in threatening situations”. However, these references are not found in the report of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

Sources used: own research Bundestag printed paper 19/15269 Soufan Center: “White Supremacy Extremism” (English) show more sources less sources

A referendum on the future of the embattled eastern Ukraine? The proposal is reminiscent of Russia’s actions in Crimea. The excitement is great between Moscow, Minsk and Washington.

According to Moscow, US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin negotiated concrete proposals on the Ukraine conflict at their summit in Helsinki. As reported by the Bloomberg news agency, Putin proposed a referendum in the breakaway eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk. Both the Ukrainian government and the US State Department rejected the proposal.

According to the Russian Ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, the conflict in Eastern Ukraine was the subject between Trump and Putin. “This problem has been discussed, concrete proposals have been made to solve this problem,” said Antonov. However, the Russian diplomat did not comment on the Bloomberg report on a possible referendum.

Referendum would be highly explosive

Bloomberg had reported, citing participants in a meeting between Putin and Russian diplomats, that Trump had asked Putin not to make the referendum proposal public in order to give him time to examine it.

Such a referendum would be highly explosive. In March 2014, Moscow held a referendum on whether the peninsula of Crimea belongs to the Russian Federation. According to the official result, 95.5 percent of the peninsula recently annexed by Russia voted in favor.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) called the referendum unconstitutional and refused to provide election observers. The vote was seen internationally as an attempt by Moscow to legitimize the annexation of Crimea.argumentative essay human rights The UN General Assembly declared the vote “invalid” by a large majority.

“Discuss other options”

The Russian Ambassador Antonov now emphasized that there had been “no secret agreements” at the Helsinki summit. The Russian side had “made several very serious proposals”, some of which Putin presented at the joint press conference on Monday. There had been discussions “on Syria” and on Ukraine and the experts had been instructed to deal with them, said Antonov.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry said they would not comment on the report. Foreign Office spokeswoman Maria Sakharova added: “If the international community, above all the USA, cannot get Kiev to comply with the Minsk agreements, other options can be discussed.” The Minsk Agreement of February 2015 was supposed to pacify the conflict, but its conditions are repeatedly violated.

“Referendum would have no legitimacy”

The State Department in Washington denied a possible referendum on the future of Eastern Ukraine. The US government is not considering supporting a referendum in the civil war region, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert wrote on Twitter. “A referendum would have no legitimacy,” said Nauert. The US would continue to support the Minsk Agreement of February 2015. The agreement was supposed to pacify the conflict, but its conditions are repeatedly violated.

The Ukrainian government also opposed a possible referendum. “We firmly reject the strange idea of ​​holding a referendum in the occupied territories,” said Oleksii Makejew, head of the political department of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, on Twitter.

$ 200 million more from the Pentagon

Meanwhile, the US announced further financial support for the modernization of the Ukrainian military. The Pentagon wants to transfer $ 200 million (around 170 million euros) from a fund for security cooperation to Kiev.

The money is not used for deadly weapons, however. Rather, according to the Pentagon, equipment for training programs, the development of command structures and communications in the Ukrainian armed forces will be financed. The money will also be used for night vision devices, mobility and medical treatments.

For four years now, there has been a bloody conflict between Ukrainian government forces and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. So far, more than 10,000 people have been killed. The Ukrainian government, the EU and the USA accuse Russia of providing military support to the separatists. Moscow rejects the allegations.

Sources used: AFP, dpa report from Bloomberg (engl.)

Due to a data breach on Facebook, hundreds of apps had extensive access to photos of several million members of the online network for several days in September.


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This also included images that users uploaded to Facebook servers but not posted, as Facebook announced. Photos from the Marketplace trading platform and Facebook Stories, where users can post pictures and videos for their friends for a day, were also affected. According to the approvals granted, the apps should actually only have access to the images that users had shared in their timeline.

The loophole existed from September 13 to 25, Facebook said. According to current estimates, up to 6.8 million of the total of more than two billion users could be affected. The photos could have been accessed by up to 1500 apps from 876 developers.

The prerequisite for this was that users had logged on to the apps via Facebook log-in and granted them access to the timeline images. The affected Facebook members should now be informed.

EU citizens are also affected

Among those affected are users from the European Union, Facebook said without giving any numbers. The online network does not provide any information about when the vulnerability was discovered. A spokesman said the authorities were informed in a timely manner in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR stipulates that incidents involving personal data must be reported to authorities within 72 hours. High penalties can be imposed for violations.

Data scandal: Thousands of apps are secretly spying on Facebook

The uploaded but not shared photos could, for example, be copies of images whose users had not completed the post for whatever reason, explained Facebook. The online network will then keep a copy for later.

Anyone who is worried about a coronavirus infection in the Esslingen district can in future be tested directly from the car. From today on, citizens can drive to one of two new test stations in the district. Doctors and helpers in protective clothing then take a smear directly on the car for the test. “You just stay in the car and roll down the window,” said the head of the district administration, Peter Keck, on Friday. Until the result is there, those affected have to stay in quarantine at home.

The district is putting the two stations into operation today and introducing them in a tour. However, a call to the family doctor is required for the test. This issues a code. It was the first two such “drive-in” stations in the country, the district said in advance.

Until further notice, the stations are to be open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. The two stations are in Nürtingen and on a parking lot at Messe Stuttgart in Leinfelden-Echterdingen. In Hesse there is already good experience with it, according to the district office.

The number of cases of terrorism has risen dramatically. Five out of six cases have an Islamist background.

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The number of terrorist proceedings in Germany has almost quintupled compared to the previous year. This is reported by the dpa news agency, citing the federal prosecutor’s office. In the course of the year, around 1200 proceedings on suspicion of terrorism were initiated. About 1000 of them have an Islamist background.

In the previous year, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office pursued only 250 cases, about 200 of them from the Islamic area. In view of the high number, the Federal Prosecutor recently passed more than every third case to the federal state prosecution authorities.

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The Federal Prosecutor’s Office has currently not published any further information on the type of proceedings, the reasons for the extreme increase or the outcome of the investigations.