Here, too, certain signals are often misinterpreted by the other person.

Here, too, certain signals are often misinterpreted by the other person.

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Wedding dresses: there are many. Here is a draped wedding dress by Linea Raffaelli. (Photo: manufacturer)"All in white with a bouquet of flowers?" Choosing the right wedding dress is of course not as easy as it sounds in this hit. After all, it should be the most beautiful day in a woman’s life – from a fashion perspective too. Who doesn’t dream of a wedding in white as a little girl? Fortunately, the designers are making dreams come true again this season – and creating wonderful wedding dresses – in brilliant white, with oversized flowers or black accents. We have selected the most beautiful outfits. Click your way through. A dream for every bride The best tips for beautiful legs

Seduction instead of cotton candy

Skin-tight corsages, seductive, deep necklines with wide skirts: curves, narrow waists and the entire silhouette are emphasized. Radiant white is in demand like never before – in contrast to everyday fashion, bright colors are not desired. Only delicate tones such as champagne, rosé, apricot or gold set accents with trendy decorations, for example in the chest or around the legs. Few dare to go for the full color look. Rather, the motto is: It can be classic and traditional – but without cotton-candy-like puff sleeves or fluffy princess tulle.

Pros and cons of getting married in white?

Playful layered look

Soft, flowing fabrics should not be missing in the wedding year 2008 either. They are placed on top of each other in several layers. Draperies around the waist and hips also flatter the bride – and her figure. Different materials such as organza, tulle and lace bring variety to the layered and tiered look. In addition, embroidery with sequins and pearls or XXL flowers on the shoulders or on the décolleté are eye-catching.

Black and white for the bold of fashion

On the other hand, brides who are brave in fashion rely on contrasts – and combine classic white with black. The black accents look extravagant and noble, for example with flower applications on hats or elaborate veils. Checkered dresses in a black and white look can also be found in the collections of major manufacturers. Lush collars – also with frills, are particularly glamorous. The opposite of these more feminine details are shown by some designers who offer wide-fitting bridal pants. If that’s too masculine for you, you can give your legs some freedom with wedding dancing – because short dresses are also very popular with some manufacturers.

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Bavarian is sexy. (Photo: imago) Yes, you lay down: You can score with Bavarian when looking for a partner. This is the result of a survey by the online dating agency Around 4,000 people took part. Wiener Schmäh is especially popular with women. We tell you which dialect has the best chances of flirting.

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Kiss the hand: women love Viennese

Interesting: Viennese is particularly popular with women. While only one in four men is into Viennese humor, one in three women finds this dialect charming. A Swabian dialect can also warm women’s hearts: every fifth person thinks the accent is sexy, for men it is only about every tenth. Hesse and Saxony, on the other hand, should speak without an accent: the dialects are in the last place.

Charm instead of dialect

Anyone who doesn’t come from Bavaria or Vienna shouldn’t worry now. After all, it all depends on what you say. Body language should also not be underestimated when flirting. An open attitude, a passionate look or a tender touch say more than a thousand words.

You weren’t particularly enthusiastic about your first date? But can you really get to know someone at the first meeting? Nervousness, insecurity and fear of rejection are often constant companions when you first meet. So: stick with it and dare to go on another date. Even if the possible frog simply does not want to turn into the dream prince after the second meeting, you should not give up too quickly. Keep data going and you might have hit the jackpot next time.

Shyness can be overcome with a little practice. (Photo: imago) Mark has always been rather shy. The industrial designer is attractive and successful at work. But address a woman? Help! Men in particular often thai single women struggle with this problem. Every third single man – a study by the online dating agency found – blames his shyness for why he is still single. But the fears can be overcome with a little practice.

Just don’t worship the other

Many people are insecure because they put the other person – a pretty woman or a great man – on a pedestal and feel small and insignificant on the other hand. The psychologist Volker Drewes from advises not to do just that. The targeted person is also a person of flesh and blood, including fears, doubts and desires – and anything but an unattainable ideal. This is how you take the first hurdle when getting to know each other.

Gradually to more self-confidence

You can also overcome all other hurdles through practice. Just put yourself in situations that make you feel shy. If that is too much for you, a step-by-step program can help: List the situations in which you feel uncomfortable. Sort these according to the level of challenge. Work your way through the list point by point and slowly increase. "Always keep an eye on your tolerance for frustration" warns Drewes. "Do not overwhelm yourself!"

Practice speaking

A few tricks and exercises will help to train self-confidence: Stand in front of the mirror in the morning and say out loud what you like about yourself. You may be a little embarrassed at first, but it goes away. This is how you slowly perceive your positive sides and that gives you a good charisma. Practice speaking to strangers. Quite banal: just ask someone in the supermarket where you can find baking powder or frozen spinach. Or you can ask for directions on the street. The more you dare to do this and get positive reactions, the more confident and uninhibited you will be when dealing with strangers.

Getting started on the Internet is easy

The online partner search offers the opportunity to make contact in a relaxed manner, especially for shy people. E-mail gives you longer time to communicate and you don’t have to be quick-witted or particularly brave. Of course, there will be a meeting at some point. No problem! Relax – tell yourself: excitement is part of it, the other person is certainly just as insecure. So don’t worry if the date starts off a bit bumpy. "Perhaps you break the ice with an ironic remark about your shyness" says Volker Drewes, "Anyone who can do that is no longer shy."

When the other is shy

Ilka, 43, would have liked Dirk, 45, to take this advice to heart. "There was hardly anything to be got out of him. He couldn’t look me in the eye. Our email contact was really nice beforehand!" If you notice that your counterpart is shy, build conversation bridges for them. "Or tell us about yourself first to give him the opportunity to relax. You can also respond to your own excitement to calm the other down a bit. So first take on the more active part." But only go as far as you like. If you do not feel well, then you should not delay it for a long time, but stop. Ilka persisted, because there was something about Dirk that she liked.


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Tall, dark hair, blue eyes, preferably still in a managerial position and filthy rich. But what about the slightly smaller blonde who often goes to your local pub and smiles at you when you go out? Rethink your search scheme and look outside the box of your strict criteria list. Often you overlook someone who really suits you because of exaggerated ideas. Tip: Pick two or three criteria that you don’t want to compromise on and see the rest of the process a little more relaxed. Maybe then Mister Right will catch your eye.

Do not pretend to be better received. If you only show the other your good side, you look fake, not authentic. Avoid showing yourself from the wrong side. Because in the long run it is exhausting and cannot be maintained. The other person will be very disappointed. Who wants an actor by their side on a permanent basis?

In flirting, the sexes differ significantly. (Photo: archive) Misunderstandings between men and women are as old as the world. And it is not uncommon for both sexes to talk past one another. It is very similar for men and women when it comes to flirting. Here, too, certain signals are often misinterpreted by the other person. The fact that the two do not come together is therefore not necessarily due to the fact that they do not go together. Rather, the misinterpretation of body language and words are to blame.

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Subtle signals

Elke (36) likes to flirt. "But often without success. The men just don’t seem interested, ”she complains. In doing so, she had sent clear signals to show her interest. Often this has nothing to do with a lack of interest on the male side: Men are simply much more shy than the common cliché would have us believe. According to a study by the online dating agency, 55 percent of men simply do not dare to speak to a woman. Only with age do they become bolder. "Men often wait too long to come up with a flirtation line instead of spontaneously joining in with a nice hello, ”explains single coach Lisa Fischbach. And then the moment passed unused. But it’s not just because of shyness. The subtle signals from women are often simply not understood. "Women flirt more indirectly, send out signals that are intended to invite and attract the other person, ”says Fischbach. "Women signal a lot through body language. They go through their hair, wet their lips, behave playfully, turn to, fidget with their clothes. ”Many men do not interpret this as a clear invitation to flirt – and remain silent.

Answer it man

So don’t be shy, gentlemen. Talk to a woman if you like her. There’s a good chance she’ll respond. It’s not that difficult: "Make eye contact, ”advises Lisa Fischbach. "Don’t learn a pick-up line by heart, pay attention to your body tension, a clear look, sympathetic facial expressions and gestures. “But be careful! Do not overshot the target: "Men are often too fast, ”says Fischbach. "You are too impatient and aggressive.