Our model was designed to protect us from cases from the outside community, “Silver reiterated.

Our model was designed to protect us from cases from the outside community, “Silver reiterated.

He indicated that it is "of a closed network; And although it is not waterproof, we are essentially protected from the cases around us. At least that is the model and the goal we want to achieve".

On Friday morning the league and the players union agreed to resume the championship.

Silver stressed that daily coronavirus detection tests will be carried out within the "bubble", but admitted that the increase in cases in Florida worries him.

Increase in coronavirus cases in Orlando

That state was approaching 9,000 total cases, according to Friday’s figures, and the Orlando area is also one of the hardest hit.

"Concern has increased not only because of the increase in cases in Florida, but throughout the country"Silver recalled.

But he reiterated that he would have made the same decision to play in Florida if the decision had been made today or a month ago.

After there were already 16 players who tested positive for the coronavirus out of the 302 who passed it in a first round of the mandatory tests, the commissioner was questioned about the NBA’s plan to face this new reality.

Given the leading players on the positive, it would require that player to abstain from exercise for at least two weeks, and would be automatically ruled out for at least a full postseason round.

But the NBA had no response, as Silver indicated that "we have not worked in all the scenarios and therefore I cannot make any assessment".

He commented that the necessary tests would be done in the player’s environment, "but then we would continue. We would treat that positive test as an injury during the season. And so we wouldn’t delay the continuation of the postseason".

Detention of the championship in case of contagion

Although he did not say so, he noted that the championship could be halted again if there is a further spread of the virus within the campus beyond a single player.

"If we had a significant spread, that could lead us to stop"Silver admitted. "There will be no doubt about it, but we work hard so that does not happen.".

He added that after having been working with the Health authorities, he said that "that line has not been precisely designed" of knowing when to consider stopping the championship.

While Paul and Iguodala, said what goes through the minds of the players as they prepare to resume activities.

Paul stated that "it’s like Adam said it, in the sense that we really don’t know" What can happen.

Added that "We never imagine playing in such a situation. We didn’t know it even a day after the league closed".

The NBA commissioner indicated that "we are fortunate to have so many players aware of what is happening. So I think that, given any scenario, in any situation we would talk about the matter and see how to solve it".

Regarding the players who have come out to protest across the country for social justice and racial inequality, Roberts said that "players will continue their awareness struggle".

Roberts indicated that the conversation that the players have had with the African-American community leaves them with questions like what and how should we do things? I can’t imagine anything healthier than that".

For his part, Paul indicated that "we understand how powerful our voice is, that our message can be heard, shouted loud and clear on an incredible platform".

The first tests leave 16 positives in the NBA

Orlando’s ‘bubble’ will be shielded 24 hours for security

In that sense, Silver commented that the NBA has made progress in terms of team hiring practices, after the last three hiring of general managers in the league have been African-American.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver again offered statements about the future that holds for the 2019-20 regular season competition, which is in its preparation phase for the restart after the forced stoppage by the pandemic of the coronavirus, and he did it wrapped between optimism and the real possibility that another postponement or even a cancellation could occur.


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Despite the increase in coronavirus cases in the United States and several teams closing their facilities due to COVID-19 positives, Silver continues "quite confident" on the NBA’s plan to safely resume the league, but admits that a spread in the basketball community could bring the worst. 


During an appearance on the ‘TIME 100 Talks’ program, Silver was asked if there is any possibility that the NBA will not go to the ‘bubble’ of Orlando (Florida), as planned, due to the increase in cases of coronavirus or if everything goes as planned in order to compete on July 30. 

"I always like to work without any kind of lightness or improvisation"replied the commissioner. "One thing we are learning about this virus is everything unpredictable, forcing our organization, including players and their union, to analyze the data we receive on a daily basis.". 

The NBA already has a schedule for his return

"We are testing every day. We have not put in a precise number, but if we were to see a large number of cases and see the spread in our community, that of course would be a cause to stop the competition as well."Silver admitted. 


"Let’s see as we go"Silver reiterated. "Certainly, if the cases are isolated, that’s one thing. Much of the determination will be our understanding of how our community got infected. That will be part of our judgment in terms of whether we should continue. But it is also true that if we have many cases, we will stop. Can’t turn your back on the virus". 

But Silver showed his conviction that the entire scheme that they have set up at Walt Disney World Resort is safer than the outside world, since they will have control of people who are asymptomatic to COVID-19 with the tests. 

"In some way, this is perhaps a model of how other industries can also open their activity. Also, I want to say that we will be accountable and see what happens, but the biggest indicator will be if we start to see a spread in the NBA. 

The positives increase

Since last week the cases have increased in several NBA teams, including the Denver Nuggets, which this Tuesday reported that since last Saturday they closed their sports training facilities as there were two positives within the group of 35 people who plans to travel to Orlando. 

Before his star center, the Serbian Nikola Jokic, had tested positive while he was in his home country, and coach Michael Malone also confirmed that he had overcome COVID-19 since last March, after the 11 was suspended competition. 

Adam Silver, with ex-Madridista Luka Doncic | TWITTER

The Brooklyn Nets reopened their training facilities this Tuesday after being closed for several days, after the positives that the players, center DeAndre Jordan and point guard Spencer Dinwiddie gave, with the former already ruled out to be in Orlando and without deciding the luck of the second. 

In addition, guard-forward Wilson Chandler two days ago confirmed that he would not be with the team in Orlando for family reasons. 

However, team owners, such as the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, say they remain optimistic that in the end the NBA will be able to carry out all its plans to resume the regular season, which if not given, would leave the players a loss of 1,200 million dollars of wages (about 1,068 million euros) and the owners 2,400 million dollars of income (about 2,137 million euros). 

But his defense of returning to competition is centered on the protection that players will have within the bubble of the outside world. 

Orlando’s ‘bubble’ will be shielded 24 hours for security

There are already six players who refuse to play in the ‘bubble’ of Orlando

"Our model was designed to protect us from outside community cases"Silver reiterated. "Perhaps at the time we designed it, we did not think that it would be as necessary as it is now, but at least we prepared ourselves in the best way that allows us to achieve that goal".

The United States Professional Soccer League (MLS) plans to host the 26 teams in Orlando, Florida, competing for the MLS Cup champion title this season, according to The Washington Post.

May 13, 2020 at 11:18 am CEST




The report indicates that the measure would separate players from their homes and families for months as MLS intends to resume the season as quickly as possible. Leagues around the world are looking for logistical answers for postponed or even unstarted seasons.

The MLS has only been able to play two games of the twenty-fifth season in its history before the pause caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Eventually, the parties would return to the cities of origin, although probably behind closed doors.

The players, coaches and support staff, who number more than 1,000, would live in quarantine in one of the large ‘resorts’ near Disney World for an indefinite period, the newspaper published.

Flat: "In Cyprus, the situation is very controlled from day one"

Hungary decrees a maximum reduction of 70% in the salary of footballers

So far, the MLS itself, the players’ union and the Disney organization have not made their position known after the report was released.