Jogi Löw already demonstrated this excellently at the 2006 World Cup

Jogi Löw already demonstrated this excellently at the 2006 World Cup

If you don’t feel comfortable like that, extravagant costume jewelry, belts or scarves can simply be discreetly discarded.

Make-up for the party – emphasize lips or eyes

In the evening you can apply a little thicker. A party is the right occasion for glamorous make-up. However, you should decide whether you want to emphasize your eyes or your mouth, because both together can quickly appear overloaded. How about, for example, glitter eyeshadow or cherry red lips? Just in case, you should always have your make-up utensils with you in your handbag in case you need to refill.

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The right hair styling

The same applies to the hair: an elaborate updo, eye-catching hair accessories, or a cheeky role are quite suitable as party styling. Gentlemen can use this opportunity to experiment with hair gel, or even wear a hat, a cap or a headscarf.

With harem pants, you can transform yourself into a princess from the Arabian Nights in no time. So that it becomes a real oriental appearance, you should combine the right tops, shoes and accessories with the harem pants.

Summer fashion 2013: casual elegance

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Tops for harem pants

Harem pants are cut very wide with baggy legs. It sits loosely on the waist or hips and ends with a wide elastic band either below the knee or just above the ankle. The deep and wide step is typical. Harem pants are the ideal trousers in summer – thanks to their airy fit, they are absolutely heat-proof.

So that this look doesn’t make you look fat and misshapen, you should definitely combine it with a slim, figure-hugging top. Tank tops or tops with spaghetti straps go perfectly with it. You can also wear a blazer with harem pants – provided it is tightly cut and fitted. (Cut-out tops: tips for arms, back and cleavage)

Accessories for harem pants

Harem pants are less suitable for the office, but should only be worn for leisure time. On the other hand, you can draw on the full when it comes to accessories and put on fashion jewelry in abundance. Long necklaces and hanging earrings, ideally with oriental ornaments, are particularly stylish. High sandals with heel straps with harem pants look very sexy. But even simple ballerinas can be combined well with this type of pants. The still current Roman sandals are also a good choice. (Roman sandals: ideal for hot summer days)

Tip: You should refrain from wearing pumps or shoes that are too sporty – this will completely ruin the effect of the harem essay If you are really brave, you wear a headscarf with gold jewelry in the style of pirates tied to harem pants – so you look as if you have come straight from the Orient.

Bell-bottoms are always more eye-catching than trousers with straight legs. That’s why you should attach great importance to the right styling, especially with this type of pants.

Who Does Bell Bottom Look Like?

Most people spontaneously think that the answer to this question can only be: tall women. But that is only partially true, the proportions, i.e. the ratio of upper body to leg length, are much more important than body length. With our styling tips, you will learn everything you need to know: saucer women with short legs compared to the upper body should avoid this fashion. They look compressed or even ridiculous at times. Conversely, small women can also look good in bell-bottoms if they have relatively long legs. In any case, the wearer of bell-bottoms should not be overweight.

Which style to wear with flared pants?

Regardless of whether the flared trousers are jeans or trousers made of linen, cotton or silk, combined with a plain white blouse, they always look chic. This look is particularly chic when the white blouse is hip-length and worn with a wide belt. With hippie blouses, bell-bottoms look playful and casual – and not just for young women. In the evening, flared trousers made of silk or satin look very classy with a matching top. The flared trousers should never be too flat – that’s an absolute no-go for styling these special trousers. So stay away from ballerinas, sneakers and co. Pumps and boots look much more elegant, and high-heeled sandals are particularly chic in summer.

With the right scarf you can give your styling a special touch. Instead of a tie, try an elegant silk scarf. However, it is important that you take the relevant occasion into account.

Colorful suits: refreshing summer style 2012

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The right styling for the evening

Before you decide on a scarf, you should consider whether it is also suitable for festivity. For fine occasions where a dress code is desired, it is better to use a tie, even if scarves are currently in fashion. On the other, you can stand out for your styling by trying a silk scarf. (Sunglasses: a must for the summer)

Appearance in “Jogi” style

While it is mostly common for men to choose a nice tie, a silk scarf can replace this function. Jogi Löw already demonstrated this excellently at the 2006 World Cup. (German designer fashion: brands for fashion-conscious men)

The silk scarf as a suitable accessory

The material is very easy to care for, should something go wrong. If you have stains, you should wash the scarf by hand. The machine is usually much more efficient, but it also ensures rough handling. Sometimes wrinkles appear after the treatment, which you then have to laboriously compensate. This can be remedied with a portion of humidity. So hang up the piece of silk with the other laundry. Usually it is possible to restore the old shine relatively quickly.

The necklace can be worn with many outfits. However, it is particularly suitable with a dark suit. The interplay of strict and playful elements will make you appear in a brilliant light. Make sure that the colors complement each other. However, you should rather keep your hands off of too colorful towels. The trend color purple is an exception. Fashion experts appreciate the subtle and elegant design of this combination. Decide for yourself what suits your type best. (The right shoes for every occasion: tips)

Jeans are timelessly modern and should not be missing in any wardrobe. The following tips show which jeans style suits the different body types.

Jeans styling: tips on colors and cuts

You can’t have enough jeans. The selection of different models is so diverse that most of them buy a wide range of jeans. Dresses, jackets, skirts and hot pants made of denim are also back in fashion at the moment. From light to dark blue, black, white or bright colors – jeans are available in almost all colors and never go out of style.

You can also choose from different styles for the cuts. With our styling tips you will find out which one suits you. Sporty jeans models are available, as well as casual or sexy jeans. Depending on the figure type, not all cuts are suitable for everyone. If you have one or the other problem zone or legs that are too short or long, you have to look for the right jeans a little longer.

Styling tips for chubby people

Combining is very easy when styling jeans

Denim clothing is ideal for combining. Whether with a beautiful leather belt, a flowery-colored tunic or a fringed vest in cowboy style – there are no limits to your imagination. Jeans in a trendy used look can either be bought ready-made in the store or simply made yourself in a few simple steps.

You can combine almost any type of shoe with jeans. A tip for the winter: tight jeans with boots always look good. In summer you can combine pumps or hot sandals with denim hot pants or denim skirt. High pumps look particularly wild and sexy when paired with skinny jeans. Denim shirts are also back in fashion. Simply wear it with a stylish vest and hot pants and you have the perfect night out outfit.

Fashion for the chubby: Everything about fashion for chubby women

Many women want a handsome bust, but those who have been well endowed by nature often want to hide their large breasts. With one or the other tip that’s no problem at all.

Material: Tip to be able to hide a large breast

If you feel too lush around the top, you should opt for soft, flowing, fine fabrics. On the other hand, fashion made of materials such as coarse knitwear or linen is rather unfavorable because it makes the upper body look slightly bulky. Jersey, silk, chiffon and cashmere are particularly suitable.

Tip: hide a large breast with colors

Women with a large breast easily look vulgar or cheap. Avoid this at all costs – the right colors can make an important contribution to this. All tones that look noble are recommended: Bordeaux, anthracite, flannel gray, beige, aubergine and pastel colors also make women with lush busts look distinguished. Beware of bright colors like pink or fire red – otherwise you will attract a lot of glances from men with whom you do not really want to have anything to do with.

Hide large breasts – Tip: Pay attention to the cut

It goes without saying that pockets on the chest, eye-catching buttons, as well as ruffles and ruffles are unfavorable if a large breast is to be concealed. Even cuts that are too wide can quickly make a woman with a large bust look shapeless. Body-hugging blouses that are tailored, but not too tight, are perfect.

Tip: With a larger collar you can skillfully draw attention to the face. You should rather avoid tight T-shirts or polo shirts.

The image of rubber boots has changed: if they used to be considered pure garden treads, the department for women’s shoes now offers fashionable rubber boots in all possible colors and patterns. You can find out how to put the practical rubber boots in the limelight here.

These are the trends in spring

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Fashionable rubber boots with patterns

While the classic garden and wadding boots are either dark green, Friesian yellow or strawberry red, fashionable rubber boots have a completely new look – and that is patterned. If you want to take up the garden theme in a playful way, choose a model with a floral pattern. Those who like it girlish will prefer fashionable rubber boots with hearts and bows.

A real eye-catcher are printed boots that follow a clear theme. While women’s shoes offer little space for motifs, rubber boots have a lot of free space that can be printed with a checked pattern or a leopard look, for example.

Subtle or bright? It’s a matter of taste

The brown models with quilted, checked or houndstooth patterns and padded shafts go in the direction of riding boots. You can easily wear these shoes for a walk or while shopping. Pink or neon green foot and calf warmers, on the other hand, are only something for a special appearance. The bright color will attract everyone’s attention and will definitely put you in a good mood.

By the way: fashionable rubber boots do not necessarily have to close to the calf. There are now plenty of unusual women’s shoes – pumps, sandals and flip-flops – made of rubber.

Wear as women’s shoes

Fashionable rubber boots have become an integral part of festivals and fashion shows. But how are the kicks made suitable for everyday use? Shiny black models made of lacquer are reminiscent of real women’s shoes and can therefore be worn with a little black dress or a chic sequin dress on rainy days. The same applies to rhinestone-studded boots.

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You should choose brightly colored models either as a contrast to plain, plain clothes or combine them with brightly colored floral dresses – with girly clothes you break through the worker image of rubber boots and show your sense of fashion.

In 2012, fabrics with lots of lace are one of the absolute summer trends. These style tips reveal how you can best wear and combine the chic and charming summer dresses.

Summer fashion 2012: trendy accessories and fresh colors

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Fragrant white summer dresses

As early as 2011, lace was one of the absolute trend fabrics on the catwalks of the fashion world and in the assortment of boutiques. In 2012, this elegant trend will continue unchecked and will still give some insight. Summer dresses with a romantic look are mainly made of innocent white lace, such as the models from the fashion labels Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabbana. The white and cream-colored lace dreams of haute couture come from the pens of design stars such as Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Moschino and Jenny Packham. In the summer of 2012, the hole, crochet and air designs adorn not only summer dresses, but also tops, flowing trousers and bustiers. (Shoe trends 2012: red and other trendy colors)