What is the biggest mistake a model according to GNTM can make

What is the biggest mistake a model according to GNTM can make

They are then a little lost. I immediately had a different standing with my management. We spoke to them on site, contacted them beforehand and sent a few pictures. They thought that was very cool. 

Is that why you are being looked after by the man who discovered Claudia Schiffer in Düsseldorf?

It is so that we visited different agencies. The third of five was Metropolitan. Suddenly it was said that the agency boss wanted to see me too. And then we sat with the super funny dude in the back office of the agency and talked. He then said that he discovered Claudia Schiffer at the time and managed it for 30 years. It didn’t go bad for her (laughs).

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That’s true. Is there more pressure on you now?

Yes, it’s actually a whole different league. After we decided on the agency, I went to Paris again for a week and made preparations. I’ve done shoots, been to a couple of auditions, and we’ve made videos. You really walk around the whole day with your heavy model book on high heels, jump from one casting to the other, don’t know where to go and don’t have any numbers. But it’s also exciting for me because it’s finally something new. Fortunately, I already have a certain standing in Germany.

In this country you are through in particular "Germany’s Next Topmodel" known. Would you take part in the casting show again?

GNTM was a starting shot and I am very grateful for what I was able to build up as a result. Personally, I would do it again because it was just a really interesting and important time for me. I wouldn’t recommend it to every girl though. Especially if you are a bit insecure and don’t really know where you stand in life, I would advise against it. It also takes a lot psychologically. But if you are strong enough and feel that way, that’s a possibility.

This year Toni emerged from GNTM as the winner. But it is no longer present in the media. Why do the winners go down so quickly?

Unfortunately, GNTM no longer has anything to do with quality, but only with quantity. Girls register because they want to become influencers or bloggers. And that’s a completely different story. I think it doesn’t work for so many girls because they don’t have the right people on their hands either. It is really essential to have a management behind you that supports you and that also knows what is good for you.

Elena Carrière was born on January 16, 1996 in Hamburg and is the daughter of actor Mathieu Carrière. In 2016, the now 22-year-old took part in the ProSieben show "Germany’s Next Topmodel" part and came second. In contrast to many other candidates, she is still successful in the modeling business today. 

What is the biggest mistake a model according to GNTM can make?

Many girls initially accept every job because they are afraid that they will not receive any more offers later. But that’s exactly the mistake, because they burn it up for a lot of other jobs. When a big magazine inquires and wants me on the cover, I don’t immediately say yes. You have to consider: Am I out for an even more important magazine? You always have to weigh up whether this makes any sense in the long run. Many fail because of this when they try their hand at the global modeling world.

Are you actually still in contact with Heidi Klum?

Nonsense (laughs). I think I’ll get Heidi’s message when I’m on the cover of "Vogue" or "Harper’s Bazaar" am Then maybe I would like to see such a little smiley on Instagram (laughs). No, Heidi simply has other things to do. She does a great job and has enough media coverage about her own person. That’s perfectly fine too. I mean, how many girls is she seeing in her life through GNTM right now? Of course, she can’t keep in touch with everyone kill a mockingbird 5 paragraph essay

Currently no contact: Heidi Klum and Elena Carrière have lost sight of each other after GNTM. (Source: imago images)

Change of subject: On Instagram, there has been a trend among models for some time to show themselves without make-up. How do you feel about it?

I think my opinion becomes clear when you look at my Instagram account. I had just been on vacation for a week and a half with my mother and I didn’t even have make-up on because we were in the sun, in the water and in the sauna every day. Why should I cover my face with products of any kind on vacation, where relaxation and togetherness are important?

Sounds logical. However, you are not permanently on vacation either. 

Right. Of course, I love make-up because it can show the best or just different sides of a person. In my private life, make-up doesn’t play a role at all because I really only use it in special moments. Overall, I am very close to nature and also for appearing as natural as possible. And for me that means: no make-up. 

It is certainly also a question of age. As a model, are you afraid of getting old?

That is a very big and difficult question to answer. I also think it has a lot to do with personality. I was with Ulla Kock am Brink this morning. She is a power woman and has such self-confidence and such a strong aura that she simply doesn’t have to be afraid of getting old. Also because she knows what kind of inner values ​​she embodies and carries them out beautifully. I think every wrinkle has its story and you shouldn’t deny it. I don’t know what I’ll be like in ten years, but I hope I don’t get scared of aging. I really hope so.

Ulla Kock am Brink: At the age of 57, the presenter for Elena Carrière is a role model for beauty in old age. (Source: imago images)

Her father Mathieu Carrière was in the jungle camp in 2011. Would that be an option for you too?

At this point, I wouldn’t do it because I don’t feel the need to go into the jungle. On the other hand, I do not find it reprehensible that my father did it at the proud age of 60. He was past the peak of his career. I think everyone has to decide for themselves, because the jungle can also be good for you. Micaela Schäfer, for example, has a completely different image than I do, and it helped her for that. A request came to me while I was at GNTM. And herewith another official rejection (laughs). 

Sources used: Instagram profile Elena Carrière

He had 60 seconds to smash at least 50 coconuts: Jens Gaude casually destroyed 87 pieces of the hard fruit. He trained daily for two years for his world record. 

A 51-year-old German smashed 87 coconuts with his elbow, breaking an existing world record by a large margin. "It was exhausting. But everything was just right. Speed, energy, strength, my posture. And then there was the adrenaline", said record hunter Jens Gaude from Schleswig-Holstein on Thursday after his success of the German press agency.

The man from Quickborn had cut 87 coconuts lined up side by side on a sports field within 60 seconds with his elbows in half. For a new record 50 broken nuts would have been enough. "I was very impressed. On the one hand, Jens Gaude beat very consistently and on the other hand you had the feeling that he did it relatively casually", said record judge Olaf Kuchenbecker from the record institute for Germany (RID) based in Hamburg.

He still craves coconuts

The RID is considered the German-speaking counterpart to the "Guinness Book of Records". Around half a dozen judges are on the road nationwide to take top marks. The institute is also financed by the judges’ fees.

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Gaude, who has been training martial arts for twelve years, wants to celebrate the world record over a beer with friends. The father of two had trained for the record for two years – half an hour every day. He gave most of the broken nuts away. He still has a desire for coconut ice cream or chocolate: "Sure, it still tastes good."

Sources used: dpa news agency

Two journalists from Bayerischer Rundfunk moderated for a full three days – and thus, according to the broadcaster, set a new Guinness book world record. 

Under the supervision of record guards, Ariane Alter and Sebastian Meinberg from the BR youth offer “Puls” spoke live for 72 hours on the channel ARD-alpha with changing studio guests. Title of the program: "The 72h talk show world record – you’ll never make it!" – but it seems like it worked.

"Completely insane"

"In the first hour I was more tired than now after the show"said Ariane Alter, according to a statement, when the record was broken at 5:30 p.m. on Friday. "That’s when you first notice what adrenaline and joy bring." Your colleague Meinberg said it was "completely insane" been. "So many people come and go, so many bands come and go. It feels like I’ve been here for three weeks." Around 100 interlocutors came to the show under the motto "Get a little smarter with us every hour – 72 hours of smart TV", including celebrities and scientists.

The Guinness Book has strict rules for his world records. The moderators were only allowed to take a five-minute break per hour or to collect this time to allow themselves longer breaks. Citrus fruits and caffeine, but also yoga and Pilates exercises, would have helped against tiredness, it said.

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According to BR information, the previous record was 70 hours and 5 minutes. That was how long two Syrian journalists held out in front of the camera in 2014.

Sources used: dpa news agency afp news agency

It is estimated that every second German has cheated on them at some point. Many infidelities remain secret. But there are indications that may indicate that the partner is enjoying himself elsewhere. We asked a couple counselor which ones they are.

The reasons for an affair or an affair are very individual. Most of the time, however, they have a common trigger: "The unfaithful partner is looking for a form of intimacy, closeness, confirmation or recognition that they supposedly did not find in the relationship"says couple counselor and relationship coach Eric Hegmann. "Nobody should think: this only happens to other couples. The numbers are clear. It can happen to any couple."

Affair: Changes in cell phone use most common tip

But what clues are there that point to the partner’s infidelity? Most noticeable, according to Hegmann, is the change in smartphone use. If the partner suddenly carries the cell phone with him all the time, keeps looking at it and suddenly secures it with a pin, you should pay attention – especially if he has not shown this behavior before.

Even if he makes the impression that he has been caught, quickly puts down the cell phone or quickly clicks on another app when the partner comes near, this can be an indication that he has something to hide.

Beware of suddenly complex body care and a new fragrance

Changes in personal hygiene can also be tell-tale. Especially if they are suddenly performed with a noticeably thorough approach. If he suddenly shaves every day even though he has always had a few stubble on his face, or if she suddenly smells of a new perfume, even though she had previously placed no value on scents, it is not surprising when the other person questions this behavior.

Even if a flowery scent wafts around him after his overtime or if she smells noticeably masculine after a meeting with her friends, one should pay attention: closeness to the body leaves traces of scent behind. Caution is also advised if he was supposedly playing soccer with his friends, but the sports gear is unused in his pocket. Or she suddenly takes the sexy underwear with her on business trips.

"Women are no more discreet than men when it comes to cheating"

Despite the possible clues, many affairs still go unnoticed. Why is that? If you are attentive to your partner, you will notice such changes, many will now think. "This often works because flinging often takes place in relationships in which the necessary attention to the partner is lacking and interest in the other has waned"says Hegmann. "In most cases, telltale changes can be seen – even in women who are said to be more discreet when cheating."

Another possibility is that the partner suspects that he is being cheated on but does not want to admit it and unconsciously or consciously suppresses the warning signs for fear of losing the other.

Questioning radical and sudden changes

But even if the partner suddenly shows changes, this is not always evidence of his infidelity. "People change and evolve", emphasizes the relationship coach. This must allow a partnership and is not automatically a cause for concern. It becomes suspicious if the partner has not shown a traceable development towards such changes. "If he goes to sport for three hours overnight three times a week without expressing any considerations or thoughts in advance, such as dissatisfaction with his figure, this is noticeable."